Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 1 #My100daysofhappiness

Giler lama tak hapdet... Over a year. Busy memanjang... konons...

Anyways, I'm intrigued with what a very close friend Eliya has been doing lately, #100days of happiness. Makes you appreciate the little things in life, things that contribute to your happiness. So, I feel like starting mine. Since I am a PROCASTINOR with capitals throughout, let us just keep it here, in this blogpost where only my eyes could feast on it. Kalo letak kat FB or IG, you have to keep up with the challenge of posting it everyday, a means that I aint sure I could conquer. See... nampak nauuuu pemalasnya, wakaka.

So, as a start...

My first day today!

Yes, I am happy that I am able to fast today. May Allah ease my first day, which always prove to be the most difficult of all, and make it one of the best day in my life. AMIN!

Till then... Remember, under NO circumstances should you ask a woman if she is pregnant!

Thursday, 21 March 2013